Try the World


“yo man you should enter this”

My little sis, Chloé, texted.

I thought,

What the hey, I’ve got nothing to lose. It’s a snack! Quick, easy, and painless. This’ll be cake.

My main motivator was the prize—-a subscription to Try the World. For 1, 6, or 12 months, I could get a box full of international food products, giving me the chance to get me back into my Bold Bites groove!

If I won, I could feature and make recipes with all these new ingredients. So after days of brainstorming, recipe research, & kitchen tessting, Apple Nachos was born.


I have this in the bag! 

I thought looking at what other’s had entered: homemade croissants, chicken nuggets, ice cream sandwiches…

These aren’t snacks! 

To me a snack is something you eat on-the-go, or to postpone early onset hunger.

After submitting my recipe, I got an email saying they’d let me know if I made it to the next round. A few days later I got that exact reply. My recipe went through another 2 rounds of judging, and the verdict….


…with 14 other people, haha.


* * *

I didn’t win the Grand Prize of a 1-year subscription, but I’m still proud of myself. Just a few weeks later, I received an Instructables robot apron and Try the World box in the mail. Honestly, 1 snack box was plenty. Had I gotten any more, I would’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of content for this blog! (Momma bear actually bought me purple mustard and coconut jam for even more motivation.)

If you’re in need of a creative jolt, I highly suggest entering a contest on You get a chance to put your stuff out there and win awesome prizes! There’s a contest for all sorts of talents: writing, design, building, technology…

Give it a go!

* * *


* * *

THE PLAN: Feature each of these snacks per week. Either a recipe using it or homemade version! You’ll have to bear with me tho, I’m a bit rusty on the blogging once a week routine. Just gotta be patient 🙂

* * *


* * *

*UPDATED* Unfortunately, I suffered severely from early onset dinner hunger and snacked on the Tika Root Vegetable Chips and Coco Jazz Coconut Chips–they weren’t Bold Bites material anyway…but DEEEEELICIOUS. Better than their processed American counterparts (ah-hem…Terra & Bare).

* * *


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