Yakgwa (Honey Cookies)


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Try the World Box Review

This is the LAST snack products I’m featuring. I had so much fun sampling international treats and using them as inspiration for my own kitchen creations. I would definitely “try the world” again.


EXPECTATION: Gummy candy-like honey shapes.

REALITY: An odd in-between of what I thought they would be. The consistence is soft and chewy but dried and cake-y.

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Name: Yakagwa ( 약과 )

Pronounced: yah – g – wah

History: These deep-fried cookies have been around over 1,200 years! At the time honey was their version of sticky, cherry-flavored kids medicine. Yakgwa literally translates to “medical sweet/confection”. You could liken these fellas to cough drops but without the historical significance. Traditionally, yakagwa is used as an offering at weddings, festivals, or religious ceremonies. But today it’s enjoyed all over as a sweet treat with tea.

Origin: South Korea

Varieties: dae-yakgwa (large) · jung-yakgwa (medium) · so-yakgwa (small)



Ingredients: wheat flour · millet jelly · sugar · canola oil · D-Sorbitol · soy bean oil · salt · sodium citrate · maltodextrin · cinnamon powder

Calories: 120 = 3 cookies

Replaces: gummy candies · tea cookies



  • smells like a funnel cake — sweet, cinnamon, deep-fried scent
  • cute flower shape



  • funky preservatives on ingredients list
  • oddly enough there isn’t honey listed in the ingredients despite the fact their called honey cookies



  • sweet with a hint of cinnamon
  • not as gummy as a gummy bear
  • chewy and soft but at the same time dense and cake-y
  • I bet a homemade version would be better


~*~ MORE ~*~ 

Recipe: Yakgwa Fritters

How it’s Made: Yakgwa from Scratch 



  One thought on “Yakgwa (Honey Cookies)

  1. November 4, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    They look tasty.. 🙂


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