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While I love a hot cup of really good coffee, I’m not dependent on it. But for all the java-bred animals out there, this is NO ordinary tea. It has the fatigue-fighting powers of coffee, minus the jitters or upset stomach. It has 20 times the amount of antioxidants than green tea (yay! no more cancer!). AND you drink it through a filtered metal straw or bombilla.

It’s a bad-ass super tea I tell ya! Give it a try!

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Names: maté · caffeinated tea · liquid vegetable · drink of the Gods

Brand: Guayakí

History & Culture: Indigenous rainforest tribes were the first to discover mate. According to ancient folklore, the Goddesses of the Moon and Clouds visited Earth one day. On route, they encountered a dangerous jaguar and an old man came to their rescue. As a thank you, the deities gave him a new species of plant—one that invigorates and nourishes. Today, mate is shared and enjoyed in groups (imagine drinking 1 cup of coffee with 10 other people). A gourd filled with loose-leaf tea is passed around from person to person, continuously filling it with water.

Plant: Ilex paraguariensis 

Origin: South America

Varieties: bottled · canned · energy shots · tea bags



Benefits: regulates metabolism · aides digestion · stimulates focus and mental clarity

Nutrients: Calcium · Manganese · Iron · Potassium · Magnesium · antioxidants · caffeine

Calories: 0

Replaces: coffee · green/black tea



Store: near tea or energy drinks

Online: Amazon · Guayakí



  • smokey
  • earthy
  • mellow
  • like a forest!



  • Gives off a smooth focus and rather than that sharp buzz we get from coffee.
  • If you’re used to green teas taste, then you’ll love mate. It’s deeper in flavor. For those of you with a sweet tooth, add honey and a squeeze of lemon juice. Or buy the sweetened iced tea version.
  • Fun to drink with the straw or bombilla. I highly recommend buying them. They’re inexpensive and an awesome replacement for loose-leaf tea strainers.



  • It comes in gradually. You won’t feel the affects right away. You have to be patient, it WILL sneak up on you.
  • Sometimes I don’t feel the affects. Could be because I’ve grown accustom to it, or because I’m not using enough loose-leaf tea.


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