Black Garlic




About: It takes excruciating patience to make caramelized onions, but even more for caramelized garlic. It’s roasted at a low temperature (140ºF – 170ºF), for 3 – 4 weeks! This process reduces that pungent raw garlic oder and strong flavor—buh bye bad breath, HELLO magical sweet treat. 

Origin: nearly 4,000 years ago in Korea, but the recipe was “perfected” by American-Korean Scott Kim in 2004.

Culture of origin: Asia

Replaces: roasted garlic • dried fruit

Uses: eat alone • spread on bread • use in soups or sauces • mix into mayo • toss with roasted vegetables • mix with sweet syrups • add it to granola • mix with chocolate baked goods • top on pizza

NOTE: black garlic is very soft and squishy. The easiest way to prepare it for cooking is puréeing. Mash or blend the cloves with a little water until spreadable.



Legend: In Thailand, black garlic is believed to give immortality.

Benefits: twice as many antioxidants as raw garlic • decreases risk of cancer • helps lower cholesterol • no additives, preservatives, or burning

Calories: 5 – 6 cloves = 40 calories



Store: Healthy food stores • check with retail (I did find some at Wegman’s)

Online: Amazon • Black Garlic North America



Place black garlic heads, cloves, or purée into an airtight storage container or ziplock bag, and store in the refrigerator for 3 – 4 months.



  • sweet-savory
  • like molasses, prunes, figs, balsamic vinegar
  • subtle garlic aftertaste
  • tender, almost jelly-like
  • melt-in-your-mouth
  • deep, dark sweetness
  • earthy
  • sticky to the touch



  • In South Korea, some energy drinks are flavored with black garlic.
  • You can make your own! Simply place some garlic heads in a rice or slow cooker. Set to the lowest heat setting and leave for 9 – 10 days.



Black Garlic Cinnamon Bread • Black Garlic Brownies • Black Garlic Vinaigrette • Black Garlic Pasta • Black Garlic Risotto



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