Coconut Jam by HEY BOO




Name: kaya • sri kaya • coconut custard • coconut curd

About: This coconut spread is an American take on a Southeast Asian pantry staple. For breakfast, it’s served on buttered toast…but don’t limit yourself to just that.

Brand: HEY BOO

Origin: San Francisco, California

Varieties: lemon coconut • mango coconut • coconut caramel • coconut chocolate

Uses: top on toast, waffles, or pancakes • mix into yogurt or smoothies • spread on scones, biscuits, bagels • drizzle on ice cream, cakes, or sorbet • dip for pretzels, crackers, or apples • in pies or crêpes • serve on a cheese board



Ingredients: coconut milk • sugar • egg yolks • sea salt • citric acid • carbo gum

Calories: 60 per 1/2 ounce

Replaces: nut butters or fruit jams



Store: Wegmans • Whole Foods • CostCo

Online: ZingermansAmazon



Refrigerator opened jar as specified on the “Best By” sticker.



  • deep sweetness
  • custard-y
  • not much coconut
  • hate to say it but…plastic-y, rubbery after taste*
  • by itself a little too sweet for my taste, but paired with something salty tones it down

* I opened my jar past the expiration date, so it might have tasted a little odd because it was 2 years old. Note to Self: stop hoarding cool ingredients, they’ll go bad.



  • Many say Malaysian Kaya and America’s Hey Boo Jam taste incredibly different. Kaya is darker, richer, and more caramelized.
  • Unfortunately, traditional Malaysian Kaya spread can’t be imported or exported. The only way we can truly compare the two is by buying a plane ticket.


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