Blueberry Bourbon Pecan Jam




About: This wild jam captures the flavor and texture of blueberries with notoriously powerful additions. You’d think the Bourbon, apple juice, and warm spices would over power everything, but it actually gives the jam complexity and depth. It tastes like a fruity spreadable Thanksgiving. Perfect as a sweet breakfast condiment or memorable appetizer. 

Brand: Terrapin Ridge Farms

Origin: Clearwater, Florida 



Ingredients: sugar • blueberries • water • raisins • apple juice concentrate • bourbon whiskey • pecans • pectin • citric acid • spices 

Substitutes: regular blueberry jam 



Online: Terrapin Ridge Amazon

Store: Check the condiments section at your local grocery store near other jams and jellies. You’ll have more luck at select specialty food stores. I found mine at the discount store, Marshall’s.

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Make Your Own

Storage: Keep unopened in a cool, dry place for 1-2 years. Refrigerate after opening for up to 1 year. 



Taste & Texture: deep, warm flavors • hints of cinnamon bits of whole blueberry 

Suggested uses: toast • pancakes • waffles • cream cheese bagel • ice-cream topper • yogurt topper • oatmeal topper • cupcake filling • pair with pork or poultry


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