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Spongebob definitely cranked up the WUMBO on these corn nuts. In Spain, this popular bar snack is called Quicos, and they are steroidal in size! The only source for this corn is a place in Peru called “The Sacred Valley of the Incas” where Cuzo or Choclo kernels can grow as large as a US quarter. The massive ears are harvested, sun-dried, and shipped off to Spain where they’re rehydrated and deep-fried in oil. Mitica, Spanish for “mythical”, is the company that brings these kinds of Spanish treats to the US, adding a pop of culture to your cheese & appetizer platters.



This is not the kind of snack to bring to the movie theater. The crunch is amplified, practically rattling your bones with each bite. One too many, and I can imagine teeth will start breaking. Smaller American Corn Nuts have a harder crunch, while Quicos are airier. But as dangerously addictive as they are, there is one thing that prevents me from finishing the bowl, and that’s the salt. A tad overly-salted for my taste but that’s just for boosting beverage sales. The saltier, the thirstier. I think they’ll do just the trick at a Super Bowl Sunday Party. Or even better… as a topping for soups, salads, and dare I say…ice cream!? I’ve even seen recipes for Quicos-crusted cheese balls and chicken tenders. 



A seriously satisfying crunch, corn flavor, and nutty aroma. 

A little salty, but it helps resist the urge to eat too many. 



Very very very (Wumbo-level) loud. 



Whether you munch on Quicos for game night or the simple pleasure of a good munch, I’m sure you’ll welcome them into your stockpile of must-have snacks.  Available on Amazon and at Whole Foods or Trader Joes. Bottom line, if you like corn nuts, you’ll like Quicos Jumbo Corn Nuts.

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