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Origin: Israel

Company: Osem originally started as a pasta manufacture and evolved into a leading Israeli food industry. As they grew and acquired other divisions (bakery, breakfast cereals, condiments) they partnered with Nestlé. Bissili is their most popular snack brand, offering a variety if crunchy, uniquely-shaped snacks including barbecue, onion, and falafel.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour • Palm Oil • Salt • Sugar • Corn Starch • Potato Starch • Hydrolyzed Soy Protein • Spices • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) • Dehydrated Onion • Dehydrated Garlic • Soy Protein Concentrate



Why I chose this snack: I saw the window box shape on the package and just had to buy it, plus it was inexpensive.

What worked: Not too salty nor flavor-blasted. It has subtle notes of garlic and onion with a light, airy crunch. A perfect little bag of carb-y goodness.

What didn’t: When I opened the bag, it didn’t smell at all like pizza. The taste is more like the pizza crust than actual pizza, which honestly wasn’t bad at all. American snacks like Pizza Goldfish are packed with artificial flavors while this one is more modest.

Suggested Uses: I can’t really think of a culinary use for this one. I bet it’d make a great crouton-like topping for soups and salad. But let’s get real, no one is buying this for a garnish.



Store: I found mine at Wegman’s in the International section. Select grocery stores like Shop Rite and Walmart may carry. Otherwise, Israeli or Kosher Food Market will likely carry it.

Online: Amazon • Target


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