SNACK ATTACK: Oh Ryan’s Irish Potatoes

Irish Potatoes 2



Origin: Philadelphia 

Company: Named after the creator’s 3-year-old son, Oh Ryan’s potato candy was first manufactured in 1989 and to this day sells roughly 80,000 pounds of potatoes candies each year.

Ingredients: sugar • coconut • corn syrup • butter • tapioca starch • egg whites • invert sugar • coconut and vanilla flavoring • citric acid • cinnamon 

Variations: See’s Potato Candies  Idaho Spud Candy 



Why I chose this snack: Aside from the fact that it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I was simply stunned by how much these candied look like real spuds. Before reading back of the package, I genially thought they were potatoes. Definitely adding these to list next to Irish Soda Bread, Corned Beef, and Cabbage. 

What worked: I never thought of pairing cinnamon and coconut together, but boy did it work. Not only for that dirty potato look, but also that warm, spicy aroma to cute the sweetness inside. 

What didn’t: Too sweet for me, could use a bit of salt. And not enough coconut flavor! I was disappointed in the “coconut cream center” as written on the package. I was expecting a creamy, oozy white filling, but alas it was just white fondant. 

Suggested uses: These are just a fun novelty gift for celebrating St. Pat’s day. I would imagine using them as decor on an Irish Potato Famine-Themed cake would be pretty neat. 



Store: I found this box at Wegman’s in the International section, even though it’s not at all Irish. But you can also find them at Walmart or candy stores most likely in the Philadelphia area during the holidays. 

Online: Amazon  Candy Warehouse Pennsylvania General Store 


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Irish Potatoes 3

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