SNACK ATTACK: Gouda Bacon Peanuts

Gouda Bacon Peanuts Can



Origin: Capron, Virginia 

Company: Belmont Peanuts

Ingredients: peanuts • canola oil • gouda and bacon seasoning • sea salt 



Why I chose this snack: Never in my life have I heard of such a weird flavor combination which (SPOILER ALERT) is probably why it never caught on. Who associates peanuts with cheese, anyway?

What worked: A smokey bacon-y aroma comes through instantly which is not as bizarre as you’d think. It really elevates the plain ‘ol peanut. The best part is the dusty coating that sticks on your fingers. Finger licking’ good!

What didn’t: That funky cheesy flavor is there, but barely. I also think the peanuts were stale. They were hard crunchy, not light crunchy…you know what I mean? In the end, I think these would have way more success as Gouda Bacon GoldFish. 

Suggested uses: top on a salad or avocado toast • garnish tacos • serve with roasted vegetables • add to a soup or stew • finely chop and use as a coating for chicken or pork chops 



Store: Unfortunately (?), Belmont Peanuts no longer makes their Gouda Bacon flavor. I found mine at Tuesday Morning, so I image there are still some floating around in discounted stores like Marshall’s. 

Online: Amazon Belmont Peanuts

Other Products: Garlic & Herb Hickory Smoked BBQ Chipotle Pineapple 


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Make Your Own (via National Peanut Board) 

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Gouda Bacon Peanuts in Hand

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