SNACK ATTACK: Melon Marble Soda

Melon Soda in Hand




Names: Ramuné • Marble Soda 

Origin: Japan

Company: Sangria

Ingredients: carbonated water • sugar • natural flavor (melon) • citrus acid • sodium citrate 



Why I chose this snack: of all the fruit out there, melon (cantaloupe especially) is the last I’d think about adding to soda. Is it possible to mimic such a flavor? 

What worked: a Goldie Locks level of fizz. I hate when carbonated drinks have too many bubbles (as much as I love the 5 star burps I belch as a result). It also has JUST the right about of sweetness. Not sickly nor subtle. 

What didn’t: the melon flavor is artificial, but that wasn’t much of a shocker. If you didn’t tell me this was melon flavored, I don’t think I’d be able to tell what fruit it was. 

Suggested uses: use in place of tonic or seltzer in cocktails • use in ice cream floats • pour into ice cube trays for flavored ice • add to jello mix • add to cake mix instead of water



Store: the Asian section or drink aisle of your local grocery store, or go to your nearest Asian Market. 

Online: Amazon Asian Food GrocerJapan Center

Other Products: Grape Remuné • Lychee RemunéRoyal Milk Tea


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