SNACK ATTACK: Durian Crispy Rolls



Origin: Bangkok, Thailand

Company: Butterfly Brand 

Ingredients: coconut milk • rice flour • durian • sesame seeds • egg • taro • salt 



Why I chose this snack: I’ve never had durian, but this seemed like a pretty safe, non-smelly way to try it. Plus, crispy is my middle name. 

What worked: Delightful. I should have bought 5 more bags of these. They’re super light, CRISPY, subtly sweet, and a little nutty from the sesame seeds. Best part is all the crumbs at the bottom of the bag you get to funnel into your mouth. And of course, no funky smells or preservatives! 

What didn’t: Where’s the durian? I really only tasted coconut. Perhaps the slight sweetness that comes through IS the durian since there’s no sugar on the ingredients label. Only other nit picky thing is that they are very fragile. Just one bite and all the crumbs fall on your lap, or worse…into the nooks and crannies of your laptop. 

Suggested uses: These might be a cool garnish for cake. Other than that, these are best eaten on their own. Maybe with tea or coffee. 



Store: Your nearest Asian Market. 

Online: I found some for sale on Ebay, but for a hearty price. I bought mine at the store for $5.


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Crispy Durian Rolls Recipe (via Foodie Baker) 


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