Raspberry Wasabi Mustard

Raspberry Wasabi Mustard

I don’t care how picky you are, I want you to try this! Yes, I know, raspberries in mustard sounds like someone pulling a prank on you but trust me, it’s not. Think of it like honey-mustard except raspberries add sweetness instead of honey. It’s bright and fruity with a kick of hot wasabi. In the words of Ina Garten (bless her soul), “How bad is that?” 

Made by the culinary geniuses at Robert Rothschild Farm, this mustard will add a ZING-POW-PING to any dish! I think it would be particular useful for those of you on a healthy eating venture. Instantly boost flavor to an otherwise bland piece of chicken or fish. You can also put this “exotic” dip on an appetizer platter and wow your dinner guests with your fancy gourmet style. 

I suggest you take a break from Dijon, Yellow, or Honey Mustard, and delve into the brave new world of Rothschild’s unique and insanely delicious Raspberry Wasabi Mustard. The generous 10-ounce jar will give you plenty of product to experiment on many meals to come. 

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Raspberry Wasabi Mustard



Brand: Robert Rothschild Farm

Origin: Urbana, Ohio

About: Back in the 70s, Bob and Sara Rothschild opened a farm in Ohio where raspberries thrived. The abundance of berries led the couple to start bottling and selling recipes starring the incredible little fruit from preserves to salsa. This mustard dip takes an ethnic twist by pairing raspberries with wasabi, great for serving with sushi or fish. 



Nutrients: calcium • iron •  manganese • omega-3s • phosphorous • zinc 

Benefits: reduces inflammation • can lower cholesterol • antioxidant properties • supports immune system and bone health 

Ingredients: white vinegar • soybean oil • water • mustard seed • corn syrup • raspberry puree • sugar • lemon juice concentrate • pectin • citric acid • sodium citrate • egg yolks • modified cornstarch • horseradish • wasabi • mustard oil • salt • xanthan gum • turmeric • paprika

Substitutes: regular mustard • wasabi paste 



Store: I found this at discount merchant, Tuesday Morning. You’ll likely find this product in specialty boutique shops. 

Online: AmazonRobert Rothschild Farm

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Make Your Own: 


In a bowl, combine 1/2 cup stone-ground Dijon mustard1/2 cup yellow mustard, 2 tablespoons raspberry jam, and 1 teaspoon wasabi paste. Add more raspberry or wasabi to taste. 

Storage: Once opened, keep refrigerated for 1-2 years. 



Taste & Texture: sweet • fruity • spicy • hot • silky • smooth 

Suggested Uses: serve as dip with poultry, pork, or salmon • marinate and roast meats and vegetables • spread on sandwiches, burgers or hot dogs • mix into salads or vinaigrettes • serve with pretzels • mix in with other dips • cook with scrambled eggs


Shrimp Tostada (via Robert Rothschild) 

Crab Sushi (via Robert Rothschild)

Deviled Eggs (via Bake Space)




Raspberry Wasabi Mustard


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