Pickled Blackberries

Pickled Blackberries

I didn’t know the words “pickled” and “blackberries” existed together until Tyler Malek, founder of Salt & Straw Ice Cream, visited the Munchies Test Kitchen.

He came in for a series called Dirty Work where Farideh takes guest chefs on a tour of the rooftop garden and has them cook something on the spot. Tyler made a delicious Oxalis Ice Cream with Ground Cherry Jam & Pickled Blackberries. He said the blackberries needed way more time to soak in the vinegar for the real pickle flavor. Luckily, we had so much leftover from recipe testing that I got to bring a jar home! 

Blackberries are great for pickling because they have a firm texture that hold up well to brining without falling apart. Other hardy berries you can pickle include blueberries, gooseberries, or cherries. This technique is ideal for preserving an abundance of seasonal fruit. If you have a garden with too much produce and not enough time to eat it all, freezing and pickling are your best options. In the cold winter season you can add a pop of summer to your meals in a pinch!

And once you’ve finished your supply of pickled blackberries, save the vibrant blackberry pickling liquid for making vinaigrettes or mixing into dip. It not only lends color, but a fruity tartness too! 

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Pickled Blackberries



Origin: Munchies Test Kitchen 

Made By: Tyler Malek

Article: How to Make Perfect Ice Cream at Home



Nutrients: Vitamin A • Vitamin C • Fiber • Manganese

Benefits: antioxidant properties • supports immune and digestive systems • supports bone health 

Ingredients: black berries • lime juice • rice vinegar • sugar • salt 

Substitutes: pickled red onion 



After extensive research online, there are no pickled blackberry products on the market (YET!), but making your own is a breeze and likely way more affordable. 

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Make Your Own: there are several pickled blackberry recipes on the net. Some use Champagne vinegar, others add fish sauce. If you have a preferred pickling recipe, use that! The blackberries I have use lime juice and rice vinegar. You can find the recipe, here. You can use frozen berries but fresh will hold their shape better. 

Storage: Let the blackberries ferment for at least 1 week to 1 month before serving. Keep refrigerated for up to 3 months. 



Taste & Texture: sweet • tart • plump • sour • seedy 

Suggested Uses: charcuterie boards • seasonal salads • rice bowls • cocktails • ice cream and other dessert toppings • yogurt or oatmeal • sandwiches 


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Blackberry and Honey Crostini (via With Food + Love)

Shaved Cucumber Salad (via Southern Living) 

Pickled Blackberry Cocktail (via Food Network) 

Pickled Blackberries

Munchies Rooftop Garden Blackberries

What do you know about Pickled Blackberries? 

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