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Let’s get real here: No one (in America, at least) really knows what to do with persimmons. I don’t even know what the heck to do with them. I assume that’s why they’re dried in Asia where persimmons grow in abundance. They won’t go bad by the time one figures out what to do with them! 

Just imagine if you had a persimmon tree in your backyard. Would you string and hang them in your house for months until they dry? Uhhh, not me. Who’s got the space? When my neighbor Jenn told me about her backyard persimmon tree, I felt for her. Life would have been so much easier if it were a pear or apple tree… 

But she used her noodle and came up with a brilliantly boozy solution to use up her bounty of autumnal fruit–Persimmon Liqueur! Jenn gave my family a bottle as a holiday present. And as an extra treat, she left me a jar of the vodka-soaked persimmons. A good soaking in sugar and vodka worked wonders on those babies. 

Homemade or store-bought, Persimmon liqueur is a great fall or winter time flavor booster. Just a splash will turn any cocktail into a lush exotic wonder. Jenn’s homemade liqueur is light orange in color while other brands can be intense orange or pink, giving your drinks a pop of color. The flavor may vary depending on the type of persimmons used. 

So next time you find yourself with one-too-many persimmons (or any fruit!) turn them into a strong, sweet liqueur to give away to friends, family, and neighbors. 

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About: Persimmon liqueur will make a complex addition to your liquor cabinet. Slightly fruity and sweet like honey, this liqueur can be enjoyed straight with ice, in a refreshing spritz, or as a twist in your favorite cocktails. 

Origin: Matawan, New Jersey 

Plant: Diospyros 



Ingredients: persimmons • vodka • sugar 

Substitutes: other seasonal fruit liqueurs 



Where to Buy: The Liqueur & Spirits section of your nearest liquor store. 

Where to Buy Online: FoxTrot Binny’s Beverage Depot 

Other Products: Persimmon Vinegar Persimmon WinePersimmon ExtractDried PersimmonsPersimmon Leaf Tea



How to Use: Treat Persimmon Liqueur like any other fruit liqueur whether used in a cocktail or dessert. 

How to Store: Store Persimmon Liqueur at room temperature indefinitely. 

Make Your Own via Kleinworth & Co.



What it Tastes Like: sweet • boozy

Suggested Uses: cocktails • glazes and creams • cakes • ice pops • jello-o • fruit desserts 


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