KOTAI Kiritsuke Chef Knife Review + Giveaway!

Giveaway CLOSED.

I am STOKED to announce that Funky Foods has partnered with KOTAI Kitchen to give away an insanely gorgeous Japanese Kiritsuke Chef Knife with a super-fancy Hammered Blade!

Chef Tess Le Moing holding Kotai Kiritsuke Chef Knife

I remember the first time using a legit sharpened chef’s knife. I was at my first legit cooking job helping Chef Emma Frisch develop recipes for her cookbook Feast by Firelight. Now, I don’t remember the exact food I cut, but I do remember the experience.

I thought, “Woah…that felt good.” Then I chopped some more veggies and thought, “THIS F**KING IS AWESOME!” It almost feels like you’re a badass warrior-ninja being able to cut things so easily. I’d say it’s one of the TOP 5 most satisfying things I’ve experienced in my life. 


Kiritsuke Kotai Chef Knife in a Red Cabbage Wave

And of course, to make the story a full freakin’ circle, the woman who got my culinary foot in the door, Chef Emma Frisch, gifted me with my first ever legit chef’s knife–a Messermeister Elite. I still use it to this day. Merci, Grazie, Domo Arigato, Emma 😘

I’ve tried many other knives in the span of my culinary career, and they’re all different. Like magic wands from the wizarding world of Harry Potter. When you find the right one, the one that feels right, you feel the POWER. No matter what you slice, dice, or mince…a high-grade chef’s knife will cut even the toughest vegetables like butter

It will change the way you cook…forEVERRR. You’ll actually look forward to it! So here’s your opportunity. Enter the giveaway and experience the beauty of a sharp knife. 


Chef Tess Le Moing holding Kotai Kiritsuke Chef Knife in front of her nose

Tess’s Review of the Kiritsuke Chef Knife

The unboxing of this beautiful Japanese Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife was…orgasmic. I’m sorry, but there’s no other way to describe it. I’d compare it to opening a box of really nice jewelry from your lover 😏. Watch my unboxing Instagram Story here.

First Impressions:

  • Divine Design—like Hephaestus made it himself
  • Comfortable Handle—the octagonal shape makes it really easy to grasp!
  • Razor-sharp—you could shave your beard hair with it

The Experience:

  • I’m used to a curved Western-style knife, so it took me a while to get used to the flat-edged Japanese one. After some more practice, I’ll be ambi-knife-trous! 
  • A knife after my own heart. A Japanese knife for French chefs. I love Japanese food, aesthetics, anime, and culture. But their knives are intimidating to use and maintain. This variation makes it much more user-friendly. 
  • Overall, the sharpness and style really elevated my kitchen confidence.  

kotai chef knife with slice fruit and vegetable circles

Recipes with the Help of a Kotai Knife

Coming soon!


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