Maman NYC Lemon Apricot & Basil Jam

This housemade jam from Maman café in NYC is a great way to add color and sharpness to toast, yogurt, and other breakfast treats.

Maman NYC Lemon Apricot Basil Jam

This jam was born in a NYC French café and tastes absolutment magnifique✨.

Full of lemon 🍋, apricot, and basil 🌿 this devastatingly delicious spread is full of summer flavor.

Give your toast some zing, shake up a breakfast sandwich, or wake up your pancakes. Maman NYC says it’s incredible slathered on a buttery croissant or simply straight from the jar. 


About Maman NYC Homemade Jam

To make use of leftover fruit from their bakery treats, Maman NYC decided to whip up some homemade jams. Not only was it a means for food waste, but for survival. When COVID-19 closed our beloved restaurants and café’s, Maman stayed afloat with these grab-n-go jams.


What Does It Taste Like?

Maman’s Lemon Apricot Basil Jam dances on the tongue with sweet fruity flavors of lemon. It’s almost like eating a Sour Patch Kid—tart and sharp with a sweet finish. The basil flavor isn’t as pronounced as I’d like, but that can be easily fixed by tearing in some fresh leaves.

Maman NYC Lemon Apricot Basil Jam


Where Can I Buy It?

If still in production post-Covid, you can find Maman’s Lemon Apricot Basil Jam in any of their NYC Locations. I bought mine in-store at their Greenpoint café 😊


Maman Shop


Maman’s homemade jam costs $6.00.


If unopened, keep in a cool, dark place for up to 5 months. Once opened, store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks (mine made it to 4!).


How to Use Lemon Apricot Basil Jam

Spread Lemon Apricot Basil Jam on your favorite breads or baked goods. To take it up a notch, stir it into plain yogurt, vanilla ice cream, or oatmeal. Stir into a cocktail or milkshake. Or my favorite way, dolloped on a thumbprint cookie.

Maman NYC Lemon Apricot Basil Jam


Lemon Apricot Basil Jam Alternatives 

You can substitute this jam with lemon marmalade or other jams that feature lemon.


Recipes with Lemon Apricot Basil Jam



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Have you tried Maman’s Lemon Apricot & Basil Jam? Let me know in the comments below!

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