KOTAI Kiritsuke Chef Knife GIVEAWAY

KOTAI is giving away one of their best chef knives to you!

It will become the right hand you always needed in the kitchen.

Kiritsuke Kotai Chef Knife in a Red Cabbage Wave

The unboxing of this beautiful Japanese Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife was…orgasmic. Sorry, but there’s no other way to describe it. I’d compare it to opening a box of really nice jewelry from your lover 😏. Watch my unboxing Instagram Story here.

First Impressions:

  • Divine Design—like Hephaestus made it himself
  • Comfortable Handle—the octagonal shape makes it really grasp!
  • Razor-sharp—you could shave your beard hair with it 


Kiritsuke Kotai Chef Knife

Japanese precision, Western robustness.

Best of both worlds.

  • Handmade
  • Razor-sharp Japanese steel
  • Perfectly balanced for comfort
  • Rust-resistant
  • Ultra-durable, lifetime warranty
  • Blade guard included

Kiritsuke Kotai Chef Knife emblemKiritsuke Kotai Chef Knife Tip


  • HANDMADE KNIFE: Made with robust materials and Japanese craftsmanship to withstand heavy usage; our professional knife offers unrivaled strength and longevity.
  • SUPERIOR BLADE: Ultra sharp, hammered Japanese 440C high-carbon steel offers clean and precise cuts; non-chipping and tougher than Damascus steel knife.


  • EASY HANDLING: Elegant and robust pakkawood handle allows for secure grip and durability; perfect weight distribution gives a stable and comfortable grip.
  • ALL-PURPOSE: Versatile high-carbon stainless steel knife for everyday tasks and use; ideal for meats, veg or fruit, and perfect all-round slicing knife.
  • HYGIENIC AND SAFE: 17% chromium corrosion-proof steel and water-resistant handle for no splinters or bacteria build-up; hygienic and food-safe.

Kiritsuke Kotai Chef Knife slicing a kiwi

“When a chef invests in a blade, it must follow him all his life. That is why we work with KOTAI knives.”

– Disciples d’Escoffier, world’s largest chefs association



kotai chef knife with slice fruit and vegetable circles


Slicing, rock chopping, dicing, julienne, brunoise… Great food starts with precise cutting. The acute 15-degree edge ensures that you never bruise delicate ingredients and always preserve their freshness.


440C has more than 2x the carbon content than other premium steels. The blade, heat-treated to HRC 59 hardness, keeps its razor-sharp edge cut after cut.


The perfect weight distribution and hand-polished pakkawood handle have been designed for you to cut effortlessly through the toughest food without compromising on comfort.

Basically fruit ninja!






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