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Disclaimer: This blog is not for the faint of heart…or should I say faint of palate. 

The Blog: Launched in 2016 as a Senior Thesis, Funky Foods continues to explore the fabulous new culinary ingredients available in the U.S. The blog digs deep into the originality, ethnic origins, quality ingredients, and unexpected flavors of unusual produce and specialty products. My mission is to inspire home cooks, young and old, to get outside their comfort zone and cook with something new. Each ingredient on the blog comes with a profile on how to prepare, store, and use it. I aim to create recipes accessible to all, offering tips, variations, and dietary substitutions. At the end of the day, I want you to be more adventurous with food because you never know what could potentially be habit-forming. Get ready for some seriously unconventional, exceptionally cool ways to change up your daily eating! (You haven’t truly lived until you’ve tried bacon jam)

The Chef: Tess Le Moing is an adventurous eater, recipe designer, kitchen elf, and gourmand. Her passion started when she took a Food Writing Class at Ithaca College. After graduation in ’16, she planned to pursue cooking and continue her food blog. One day, former Food Network Star and local Ithaca chef, Emma Frisch, took Tess under her wing as a kitchen assistant. Every week they tested recipes for her debut cookbook, Feast by Firelight. Tess continued to learn about the culinary industry working with other local food businesses including Dolcé Delight, Early Morning Farm (GreenFork), Agava Restaurant, and Wegman’s Cheese Shop. Now Tess works as an Apprentice at Vice in the Munchies Test Kitchen. She currently lives in New Jersey with her parents but visits Ithaca where her sister studies at Cornell. When Tess isn’t cooking at work, she’s cooking at home, continually learning, improving, and sharing funky foods as she discovers them.

The Music: It’s a kitchen sin to cook without tunes. With each recipe, discover a new music artist with a playlist of their best songs. Let the funky grooves inspire you as much as the funky foods!

The Contents: Funky Ingredient Profiles Funky Recipes • Occasional Kitchen Experiments • Contest Submissions • Occasional Cookbook Reviews & Recipes • Life Events • Funky Snack Reviews



In a world of food restrictions and health problems, how do I please everyone? 

Diets: I offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free recipe variations when applicable. Don’t see one? Let me know, or send me your own ideas.



Finding funky foods is a click away. 

Stores: Green Star • Marhsall’s • Stop & Shop • Tuesday Morning • Wegman’sWhole Foods

Online: Funky FoodsGold Mine Natural Food Co.iGourmet • Kalustyan’s • MouthSpecialty Foods Association • Stonewall Kitchen • Zingerman’s



Acknowledgment to the people who spark my creative appetite.  

Mentors: Mom • Papa • Chloé • my friends (old and new) • my neighbors • Barbara Adams • Emma Frisch • Andre Jaquet • Maria Salino • Farideh Sadeghi • Ina Garten • Frankie Celenza • Coley Cooks • Joann Spinelli • PopPop • Mammi

TV Shows: Binging with Babish • Chef’s Table • Cooking with Dog • Food Wishes with Chef John • French Guy CookingF*ck That’s Delicious • Great British Bake Off • Julia Child the French ChefPeaceful Cuisine • Samurai Gourmet • Somebody Feed Phil 



Learn my about my quirks! 

  • I know the complete Micheal Jackson Thriller dance
  • I compost!
  • K-Pop boy bands are my guilty pleasure
  • I keep my bread in the freezer
  • Je parle français
  • I’m a pineapple-on-pizza advocate
  • I can roll my R’s
  • I love me a good ol’ pickle & pb sandwich
  • I’m a lefty
  • Before cooking, I thought I wanted to be a doctor, masseuse, fashion designer, movie director, anthropologist, book editor, and yoga teacher
  • This blog started as my Senior Thesis



Books and websites I use for research and recipe development.

All RecipesAmerica’s Test KitchenFood52 • Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking • Mark Bittman’s How to Cook EverythingNY Times Cooking • Serious EatsSpecialty Produce • Still Tasty • The KitchnWikipedia 









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